Cell Phones

Cellular Telephones;  also called  Cell Phones or Mobile Phones;  are  portable devices which were first used in motor vehicles and later for pedestrians and which was used to communicate through Radio Waves from few city blocks to square kilometers.

The first mobile and portable subscriber units for cellular systems were large and heavy. The car unit weighed approximately 36 kg and the portable hand phone weighed approximately 2 kg. They came up in the year 1990’s with only feature that can help to make a call using a wired connectivity.

Evolution of Mobile Phones

Evolution of Mobile Phones

Later, many developments were made to add more features and efforts to make it more compatible,and then  companies started manufacturing attractive models with more specifications.

There are many Top brands running as of now. They are  Apple, Samsung, Black Berry, Sony, Nokia,LG,  MicroMax , etc. Cell Phone also called mobile phone,  portable device for connecting to a Telecommunication network in order to transmit and receive voice, video, or other data.But by using these mobiles, we have many pros and cons.


  • Faster In Communication
  • Portable
  • smart storage Device
  • Smart Phones act as Personal Computer.
  • User Friendly Options


  • Can’t work without network.
  • Limited Standby
  • Limited Memory
  • Excess use may lead to Health Problems.
  • High End Phones Requires good knowledge of Technology.

So, let’s come to a conclusion that  as the Cell phones have proved to be a powerful device supporting rich features not only for communication but also  for other commercial or business use. It has created it’s  necessity for all kind of people.As Technology is growing day by day we can surely expect that  there would be acceptance for  upcoming devices in the near Future.